Together Alone

Tucked away in our own little worlds, some of us (like me) are quite happy the rest of the world is behaving the way we prefer . . . most of us (like Dave) are super frustrated and want to reach out, anyway they can.

So while I tap away at my writing projects, Dave has assembled a place to record, both at home and in the studio, and is making plans with others to record “together” in our own separate worlds. Easter always requires a musician to go the extra mile, sing that ridiculous soprano part, play twelve songs before the sun comes up, you know, simple stuff. And we love it.

But getting together on Easter morning to shiver through our songs and hope our voices have warmed up enough to not disappoint us, while the guitarists are wondering if their frozen fingers are actually holding that pick and hitting the strings, THAT will not happen this year.

So Dave is working on a few special Easter favorites, recording the keyboards, guitars and his and Cher’s vocals to a click track and sending them on to our favorite old-time DRM musicians: drummer, Rich Moody ; our singers – Ruthie Cranton and Sandi Hamlett; our bass player, Les Hamlett.

Hoping to post pics and videos, etc of the process as we make it happen.

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