Double-Edge Music is the publishing company for Dave Spaulding’s work.  More coming soon!

Dave Spaulding is his own man, performing solo with both keyboards and guitar.  His sets include both old favorites and his originals in a crowd friendly way that draws you in and speaks to your soul!

Dave Spaulding and the Double-Edge Blues Band combines old blues favorites like “Everybody Wants to go to Heaven” and “Help the Poor” with many of Dave’s soul searching originals.  He is currently working on recording these originals, so we’ll keep you posted on how that is coming along.

Dave can often be found at any one of the many blues jams in the area, and often plays with Surprise! as their keyboard player/guitarist, also adding vocals both background and lead depending on the song.  This band is hot, playing all your blues favorites!  They will have you jumping up to dance from the first song to the end of the night!

Please check our events list for a chance to see Dave perform in person and feel free to contact him to book an event: