Tickets for Soulfest are now available!  Come see Dave Spaulding and the Double-Edge Blues Band perform on Thursday afternoon on the Inside Out stage and Friday morning at the mountain top, August 6-8th.  Email cher@drmband.com to purchase 3-day passes at our discounted pricing!  March pricing is just $125 for a 3-day pass.  It will get more expensive the closer we get to August!

If you need to book DRM Band, or Dave Spaulding or want to record something, you may email Dave Spaulding at dave@double-edge.com. We will be glad to assist you!

If you want to purchase one of our albums, please email Cher Spaulding: cher@drmband.com We are working on setting up the site store.  But if you need to purchase merchandise or tickets please contact cher@drmband.com or dave@drmband.com.

You can also see our work in progress for DRM Band and Dave Spaulding by going to drmband.com. Some of our DRM members only play with us occasionally, some have been with us for (insert way too many years here) and are part of the fabric of our lives. As the name means: Who we are Doesn’t Really Matter!

Vinyl Legion is a local band to New England, playing a popular mix of 70’s and 80’s rock with Country and more. Everywhere they play the dance floor is full, even including their guitarist, Erik! A great time of fun and music is had every time they play! And they do play a lot, so check our most current events below, or our events page for a full view of all of Dave’s gigs including Vinyl Legion.