Well, we usually get together and rehearse all the fun Easter songs we love and then get up early on Sunday morning for the sunrise service, then go home and change into Easter duds (those of us that actually wear Easter duds) and gather again to belt out all these favorite tunes in the regular service.

This year we had to improvise. But the church is not the building right? The church is God’s community of believers! So we all recorded our parts separately and then Dave Spaulding with a LOT of help from Matt Belfiore at TV33 put it all together. Cher helped at the very end putting in the words.

We did 2 hymns with Ruthie Cranton, Dave & Cher Spaulding singing the parts and Judy Hunter playing the organ – all keeping our distance! Pastor Dave contributed the lilies at the last minute to beautify the setting.

Then we had three praise songs and a special music to do, which is usually the Newton service band (we’re taking turns now that there’s just the one service) and no way we could include our regular drummer and bass player, so we improvised again and called in DRM players.

So we managed to record Ain’t No Grave, Easter Song, Lord, I Lift Your Name on High and Celebrate Jesus, Celebrate! over a two week period. Having never done a project of this sort there were of course glitches. Should I play to the click track or to the musicians? (Click tracks? We don’t need no stinkin’ click tracks!) lol Yea, in a world where we are all used to being in a room or on a stage together and reading all the little nuances off each other to stay tight, this was a huge challenge! I must admit, with DRM, I know that even if I forget to repeat that chorus, or I don’t sing a line that I should – EVERYONE follows me! These musician friends are the life saver sort and I felt the loss terribly. Recordings don’t FOLLOW! Ha!

Getting the music tracks together, synced and sounding awesome was one thing . . . THEN we had to sync all the video takes, create a collage so we were all together on the screen and make sure all the cuts lined up. And then we lost Ruthie for one song – had to improvise. Never one to blink at adversity, she just recorded it again on her phone and sent it off! Love you girl!

Hours and hours and hours later (yes, Dave Spaulding is a super perfectionist!) we finally have all the songs “in the can.” (Hopefully that’s film talk and not referring to the circular file – yipes!)

So we hope you’ll join us Sunday morning at 8:45am (or after 9:45am if you are morning hour challenged) and sing along – just go to kingstonfcc.org and click on the link.

“Sunday’s a’comin’!”

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